pilates classes

The focus of Pilates is working from “the inside out” meaning Pilates trains the deeper, more stabilizing muscles of the spine and abdominal wall (transversus abdominus, pelvic floor, multifidus). For this reason Pilates is referred to as mind~body exercise. The larger, more superficial muscles of the body are secondary to the POWERHOUSE (stabilizing muscles of the torso). Some of the movements resemble yoga postures, however, Pilates is a MOVEMENT SYSTEM – it is not static and postures are not held.

class times:

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Single Class Drop-in: $20; Seniors (65+): $12; Student (less than 18 years) & College Student (with ID): $15

10 Class Punch Card Membership: $165 Regular, $120 Senior (65+) and Student (less 18 years) & College Students $135.00 (Good for 10 Classes over a 3 month consecutive period. This type of membership does not include workshops)

Monthly Unlimited Membership: $150 regular, $120 Senior (65+) and Student (less 18 years)
(Clients can take as many regularly scheduled classes as they like during the month. This type of membership does not include workshops.)

about the long island center for yoga:

The Yoga Center is a tranquil and serene studio that has no mirrors to distract students from the inward focus of their practice and the moment to moment nature of yoga. Leaving our classes you will feel relaxed, uplifted and able to respond to daily life in a more peaceful and calm way.

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