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Monday Maintenance

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Happy Gratitude Month Yoginis!

As we ease our way into this beautiful but crazy time of year, how do we keep it steady and enjoy this season of love? 

Maybe we take each day of the week one by one and organize our time with our minds in a healthy, slow, and steady way. 

Mondays for me are a sort of maintenance day.. organizing my laundry list of priorities for the week. Privates scheduled, phone calls to be made, house tidying, food shopping, etc.

Tuesdays, studio maintenance day with Jaya, along with teaching yoga and so it goes. 

Selecting days for friends and family and of course, ourselves seems to make it easier for me, to not get so frantic in thinking I’m forgetting something or someone, especially in these warmer years of my life 😊

We all have so much to do and only so many days, add holiday time on top of it and it’s overwhelming.

Choose to Make it an easeful holiday season for you and all your loved ones this year 💖

I’ve been choosing gifts of time, as presents of presence the past few years. Be it concerts, plays, dinners or yoga, time together seems to make a much more memorable experience, a gift that lasts forever. 

Life is a gift always and we must remember how special it is to share our hearts and souls with each other. 

Days pass quickly, children grow, parents get old, and we get the choice to love our way through all the seasons of our lives. 

Wishing you all a peaceful and easy pre-holiday week.



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