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What Does the Holiday Season Mean to You?

With the Christmas season here, every year I make the intention to try to be present & awake to the joy it brings. It doesn’t always happen.

For me, the meaning of Christmas is the unconditional love that is available in our human hearts, and we often see glimpses of that, but during the holidays there is more clear intention around goodness.

So what’s the problem, why can’t we feel this at other time of the year, what stops me/ us from the indescribable feeling of joy, the Christmas spirit?

Could it be the conditioning from childhood, and you better be good? Or the birth of a baby in a manger? Mystery it is, but it drives us to shop spend ear more then is needed if we’re not mindful and leave us questioning the whole season in the end.

A quick drop into a bleak cold January day (unless you’re in Florida) and still a feeling of emptiness when it’s done.

If I pay attention, pray, feel and refrain from overindulgence, will I rest in the more real aspect of genuinely meeting my own heart, touching something deeper within, that is forever every day, sustainable love, patience, forgiveness, that carries me through the trials and terrain of this human existence. I can only have hope. And Hope is exactly what Christmas is, the potential within each of us rising up and being shared.

Let your heart speak, act, and love.


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