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Yoga is more then being able to bend over and touch your toes.

The wiser I become the more I am weeding out the mis-truths and conditional thinking thats been past down for decades and even longer.

Yoga is so much more than being able touch your toes, but how often do people say " I can't do yoga I am not flexible enough" or" I can't meditate ", my mind never stops.

After 20 years of teaching and practicing, it is so exciting to watch someone discover yoga and meditation. To actually see them drop some of the same beliefs I held and discover the feeling of peace. To actually feel their own breath, to realize the world is still spinning, even though they stepped our for a little bit to care for themselves, wow!

What a gift! When we take that time to empty out our inner closet of the body / mind, and detox the stress, we create space, we feel renewed and refreshed.

Clarity, calmness, hope, all available with just a little practice , patience and effort.

If you've never practiced, remember we learn by our own direct experience. If you have not practiced in along time, the body never forgets. If you have a regular practice, you know it still takes effort to get out of bed, roll out the mat and come home to yourself.

Where ever you are on your journey....You are worth the effort , You have everything you need, You make a difference in this big spinning planet.

Check our our schedule for the different classes available, along with workshops and private sessions. We are here to help each other along the way, so reach out with any thoughts or questions.

Wishing you all the best,


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